Burger King’s Buffalo Chicken Fries Ad Features A Paula Cole Ringtone

Paula Cole’s cheesy ’90s classic “I Don’t Want To Wait” (one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures) is becoming a go-to when commercials need a ironic wussy song. Budweiser used it in this way a few years ago. Weirdly, it might end up being as overused ironically as it was in real life during the late ’90s. But yeah, that seems like it could be the ringtone of a guy who has his significant other in his phone as “My Boo Bear.” By the way, here’s a good review of Burger King’s Buffalo Chicken Fries.

Bud Light And “I Don’t Wait To Wait”

Bud Light’s popular “Superstition” campaign continues. In previous spots, people have gone to the basement or tailgated with quinoa to continue their team’s success. You see, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work. Now Paula Cole’s corny 1997 hit “I Don’t Want to Wait” gets the spotlight. It’s a huge guilty pleasure song (play it at a bar if you want to hear awful, drunken singalongs). I’m amused.

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