KFC’s Suggestive Zinger Popcorn Box Ad From Australia

The young festival-going lady in this Australian KFC commercial is adjusting her breasts in the reflection of a car window that she thinks is empty. Except it isn’t, and a disapproving mom glares at her. The soccer jersey-clad boys in the car don’t seem to disapprove though. And we get to hear a snippet of Icona Pop and Charli XCX’s insanely catchy “I Don’t Care.” Did someone say KFC? That looks really good. Perhaps not surprisingly, this one has attracted criticism, which actually lead to an apology from KFC.


Verizon Has Perhaps The Worst Commercial Currently Airing

Yesterday, I asserted that AT&T beats Verizon in advertising. This is a prime example.

Awful. Just awful. I don’t care about this woman and I certainly don’t want to hear her rambling thoughts.

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