Tuesday Throwback: This HP Ad Features “Pictures Of You”

I have The Cure’s beautiful “Pictures of You” stuck in my head, and it reminded me of this HP commercial from 2003. It’s a nice spot, and it’s always amusing to watch stuff that has technology which was once considered cutting edge. Of course, that was 12 years, and we’ve become a bit more advanced since then. But any ad with “Pictures of You” gets my seal of approval.

What’s That Song? Part XXI

Tonight, on a very special What’s That Song, all the commercials are from tech companies.

Artist: Air, Song: “Alone in Kyoto”

This supremely relaxing and pleasant commercial is for Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Which is notable, because the first Samsung Galaxy Note commercial, aired during the Super Bowl, was anything but relaxing. I kinda liked it because of the goofy energy, but this is much different. “Alone in Kyoto” comes from the Lost in Translation soundtrack. That’s a movie I should see sometime, but haven’t gotten around to. I’m pretty bad at seeing movies.

This iPhone 4S commercial does a nice job of simplifying the idea of cloud computing with iCloud. I like the song too, but I can’t actually find who it’s by. When I do, I’ll put it up.

Artist: Violent Femmes, Song: “Blister in the Sun”

Something tells me that a church choir wouldn’t be singing a song rumored to be about masturbation. And it’s a classic but it also feels strangely symbolic that HP, a company with some recent troubles, would use a song from almost 30 years ago.

Will You Buy The HP TouchPad With Glee?

In a strange personal quirk, I like Broadway shows, but I’m not a fan of the TV show Glee. After hearing for months about how great it was, I finally watched an episode. It wasn’t terrible, but I had no desire to watch it again. I’ve always found the success of shows focused on high school misfits to be a little baffling. If I really want to revisit being lame and awkward, I can just open up my old yearbooks.

In any case, Glee’s Lea Michele is in a new commercial for HP’s TouchPad.

Looks good. Sounds good. And the Broadway tie-in is the song. It’s called “Let Me Entertain You” and it’s from the musical Gypsy.

8/18 update: The HP TouchPad is no more.

Commercial Society Will Be Back In A New York Minute

Loyal reader(s):

I will be in New York City for the next week, so my posts will be less frequent. I will try to update a few times, but my main foci will be eating, drinking, museuming, wandering, and hopefully a little job scouting. I will leave you with some New York-related music, each with a commercial tie-in. And just remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

A new classic. Jay’s rap is good here, but the Alicia Keys hook makes this song. And according to this ad, the hook is best heard on an HP computer.

When you listen to “Rhapsody in Blue”, you can just see the hustle and bustle of Jazz Age New York. To a lesser extent, you might think of United Airlines.

If there was one person past or present that I’d want to have a night on the town with, Frank Sinatra would be on the short list. Here, Ol’ Blue Eyes adds some class to this Chase Sapphire spot.

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