This Commercial Sucks: Flipp Gets Depressingly Millennial

YouTube comment: “Something about this commercial is off”

And I’ve gotta agree with that. We meet a woman (who appears to be a giant) who sits down in a chair and talks about how at her age, her parents owned a house. But times have changed. After making dinner for the kids, she kisses them goodnight and leaves for her night shift. She checks the weekly ads on Flipp during her lunch break. She never shops without it. While she doesn’t own a house like her parents did, she can save money on her pajamas. And…that’s it. The commercial ends. I don’t know if they were trying to be witty or just very real, but it comes off as depressing. So, so depressing.


Jimmy John’s Wants To Buy You A House

Jimmy John’s is known both for its tasty sandwiches and for its “freaky fast delivery.” The main reason for this freaky, fast delivery is that Jimmy John’s will only deliver within a 5-minute radius of one of its stores. But what if you live outside this zone? In this spot created by agency WorkInProgress, a Jimmy John’s delivery comes to a family’s house. Unfortunately, the house is a mere facade and the ruse literally falls apart. So now Jimmy John’s is running a contest where they’ll buy someone a house within that delivery range. Because sandwich. Yum. Here’s more from Adweek.

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