Orbit Gum’s Zombie Kiss

Here’s a short and memorable commercial from Orbit Gum. It’s a classic love story. Boy likes girl. Girl is a zombie. He doesn’t know if they should kiss, but after she pops in a piece of Orbit Peppermint and smiles, he’s hooked. The tune at the end is “Bedroom” by Litany. The guy is played by Taylor Kare…anyone know who the girl is?

Mentos Gum Says To Small Talk It

When you think of Mentos advertising, those classic commercials from the ’90s come to mind. While these new spots aren’t quite on that level, they’re still good for a chuckle. Each involves an already somewhat awkward protagonist placed in an awkward position. One is at a party with “cool” people, and the other has a guy alone with his new girlfriend’s manly dad. In both cases, Mentos Gum helps bring on the small talk. Heh. And that “Who says no to Mentos Gum?” jingle is pretty catchy.

Mentos Gum And Baseball Don’t Mix

Any Mentos ad will remind me of the classic ones of the early-mid ’90s. While it’s not on that level, this one is still pretty damn funny. A guy is at the batting cages, when suddenly he sniffs an alluring aroma. It’s Mentos Gum Pure Fresh carried by an attractive young lady. As a ridiculously cheesy song plays, he goes to the fence to catch a whiff of her gum-enhanced breath. His smile doesn’t fade even as he’s getting pelted by baseballs. It’s campy and amusing. If I come across the names of the good-looking actor/actress, I’ll add that to the post.

Dentyne Ice Wants You To Flaunt Your Breath

These short spots from Dentyne Ice all show people who flaunt their breath in an awkward situation: sharing an elevator. The pregnant lady, balloon guy, and yawning woman all seem quite proud of their Dentyne Ice-nice breath.

Extra Gum’s Emotional Origami Commercial

Appealing to emotions is a crucial part of advertising, and this can be especially true in more “boring” categories. If an advertisement can assign a sentimental value to something that is typically thought of as practical, it’s a great strategic advantage. This is very apparent in a new commercial from Extra Gum, created by Energy BBDO Chicago. Gum might not be the most exciting item, and its sales have been falling in recent years. So Extra falls on its classic identity of a long-lasting gum in an unexpected way.

The spot starts with a father teaching his young daughter how to make a paper crane with his gum wrapper, and she starts making her own. Time marches on, and the birds become something of a collector’s item for the girl as she grows up. Finally, the parents are packing the car to send her off to college, when the father drops a box…and then finds that it’s full of paper cranes. If that was a reference to the thousand paper cranes legend, it’s a great one. The ad closes with a voiceover saying “sometimes the little things last the longest.” Overall, the spot has a similar message (though a less beautiful execution) to Vodafone’s ad from earlier this year. It’s a nice, sweet, sentimental commercial. Is it a little sappy? Yep. But a little sap isn’t so bad sometimes.

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