Gorilla Glue’s Hilarious Halloween Ad

Gorilla Glue does a great horror movie spoof in this new commercial. We’ve got the preppy, letter jacket wearing guy sprinting for his life. He slips and the murderous, masked, ax-wielding villain makes his move. As the preppy guy pleads for his life, the ax man winds up and…his blade flies off. He feels like an idiot, apparently this isn’t the first time it’s happened. But then, a gorilla emerges and gives him a bottle of Gorilla Glue. Preppy guy suddenly lightens up and instructs ax man on the proper way to use Gorilla Glue. With the help of preppy guy and the gorilla, the ax is back in business. Of course, then comes the realization that murder is still on his agenda. Funny stuff. Preppy guy is played by Cameron Jebo.

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