Liberty Mutual Presents The LiMu Emu (And Doug)

In its newest campaign, Liberty Mutual brings us a ’70s-esque buddy cop parody featuring an emu (the appropriately named LiMu Emu), and his human partner Doug. As LiMu gets confused after seeing his own reflection and vomits up change in the office, Doug explains some of the merits of Liberty Mutual. They’re pretty dumb but mildly amusing ads, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Will this have more, less, or the same popularity as Liberty Mutual’s campaign with people talking in front of the Statue of Liberty? Only time will tell. If you’re wondering, Doug is played by David Hoffman.





Grandma’s Cookies Gets Awkward (And Kinda Sweet Too)

If you were to approach strangers, coworkers, and friends and ask if they were your grandma….before ACTING like they are, that would be pretty awkward right? Therein lies the premise of these funny, uncomfortable, and sometimes sweet spots from Grandma’s Cookies created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.


Tuesday Throwback: The Classic Got Milk? Commercial Featuring An Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr Buff

Yesterday, the Milk Processor Education Program announced that it was dropping the long-running “Got Milk?” slogan in favor of the somewhat dubious “Milk Life” tagline. “Got Milk?” was first introduced by the California Milk Processor in 1993, and was adopted nationally in 1995. “Got Milk?” ads featuring celebrities with milk mustaches became ubiquitous, and “Got ____?” became a sort of stand-in catch phrase.

The introductory “Got Milk?” TV spot debuted on October 29, 1993, and is often considered one of the best ads of the 1990’s. Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Michael Bay, it starred an incredibly hapless man. He’s a history buff whose home is filled with artifacts related to the duel. By sheer happenstance, he’s called by a radio station whose contest question asks who shot Alexander Hamilton in the duel. Unfortunately for our unlucky protagonist, he is in the middle of eating a peanut butter sandwich with no milk to wash it down, and his muffled “Aaron Burr” response isn’t recognized. No $10,000 for him. Hilarity and horror. Classic.

The Milk Campaign That’s Got Some Ladies In A Tizzy

Last week, I wrote a post where I talked about the Got Milk? campaign, one which I hadn’t really thought about in years. It was coincidental that the very next day, news broke of a new California Milk Processor Board campaign created by the same advertising agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The advertisements focus on milk’s purported benefits of reducing PMS symptoms, albeit in an interesting fashion. It’s quickly become one of the year’s most buzzed-about and stupidly controversial campaigns. You can visit the official site here. My reactions? Cheeky and amusing, but not really sexist.

Soon after, one of my former college classmates wrote a few op-eds about the subject on Ms. Magazine’s official blog. The columns attacked these advertisements for portraying women as irrationally angry shrews, and men as oafish idiots. She also addressed the (more valid, in my opinion) question of whether milk actually does help the symptoms of PMS. At the bottom, there’s also a petition to end the evil milkmen from using this ghastly campaign.

OK. I could write a lengthy entry about the follies of political correctness or gender roles in advertising. Instead, I’ll craft a response that’s short, direct, and stereotypically male. Calm the FUCK down, and have a SENSE OF HUMOR! And yes, I realize the irony of using a capitalized F-bomb in a “relax” message. Think about if we removed all media that any segment of the population found offensive. Wouldn’t be a whole lot left, would there? So in summary, I repeat: Calm the FUCK down, and have a SENSE OF HUMOR! Seriously. Try it. You’ll find that the world is infinitely more enjoyable if you do.

7/21 update: The campaign has been pulled. Score this one for the irrationally angry. Weak.

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