Go Daddy Finally Scores With This Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Bar Refaeli

Go Daddy has consistently had the worst Super Bowl commercials in recent memory. The types that will annoy you unless you’re a complete slobbering idiot. Misogynistic, lowest-common denominator stuff. But I actually think this year’s ad isn’t terrible. Israeli model Bar Refaeli represents Go Daddy’s sexy side, and “Walter” (played by Jesse Heiman) represents the smart side. And when combined, magic happens.

According to Adweek, the kiss had 45 takes, after which Heiman said he felt like he won the “championship of men.” 45 takes!

go daddy bar

The 3 Suckiest Super Bowl Commercials That Ever Sucked This Year

#3 Bud Light Platinum “Factory”

Is anyone going to buy Bud Light Platinum? It seems like a silly gimmick, but it does have more alcohol than regular Bud Light and that bottle is rather dapper. So the answer is a firm “maybe.” Anyway, this commercial is so incredibly dull.

#2 Pepsi Max “Checkout”

I feel like I’ve seen this one so many times before. Only now, it’s got Regis! Yeah…lame.

#1 Go Daddy “Body Paint”

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for self-fulfilling prophecy. Go Daddy always has the worst Super Bowl commercials, so we expected more of the same. And shockingly, they sucked. Really, I think Go Daddy could somehow make a great commercial and people still wouldn’t like it based on previous experiences.

Dishonorable mention: Most of the commercials being online well before the Super Bowl. I know social media is important, but there’s a certain magic to seeing a brand new commercial for the first time during the Super Bowl and saying “now THAT’S brilliant.” When commercials are online for a whole week, it really lessens that experience.

Some First Half Thoughts

Commercials have been pretty mediocre so far. The best ones are usually in the 3rd quarter.

The new Pizza Hut song is way less annoying than the old one. It’s also way less catchy.

Go Daddy is such a waste. Every year.

I wouldn’t shop at H&M anyway, but now that I had to watch David Beckham in his underwear, I really won’t shop there. But I guess a lot of women weren’t thrilled about Adriana Lima either.

It’s a bad idea to use your baby as a slingshot, but the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl spot was funny. The one with the dog was witty too.

Bud Light Platinum is such a stupid idea. But Budweiser also has my favorite commercial so far. It appeals to the drinker in me, the history buff in me, and the part of me that loves The Natural.

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