Who Is The Actress From This America’s Best Glasses Commercial?

I’ve been seeing this America’s Best NY Fashion Designer Event ad a lot lately. Does anyone know who the cute actress in the commercial is? I also get a kick out of the wise-cracking owl, who’s conditioning in the bath.

Pearle Vision Introduces Olivia

Early last year, Pearle Vision had a big hit with its touching “Ben’s Glasses” spot, which was ultimately one of my favorites of 2017. Now, they’re back with a new ad showcasing another young protagonist. Olivia is a girl whose interests are ones that aren’t typically seen as female. We see her working on the lighting of a small model house, practicing archery, and hitting tennis balls. She’s fascinated by a “Women in Space” exhibit, and reads about Joan of Arc. But with everything she does, her vision problems are apparent. So her parents take her to Pearle Vision, where she picks out a pair of glasses, and the optometrist gives her a picture of a bespectacled feminist icon: Billie Jean King. Olivia then adds King’s picture to her wall, where she’s put up a “Women Who Made History” display. Aww. It’s not quite as emotionally affecting as “Ben’s Glasses”, but still a very nice ad, created by Energy BBDO. The pretty song is “A New Start” by Tessa Rose Jackson.

Pearle Vision Shows Us Ben’s Big Glasses

A young boy, Ben, is wearing glasses that don’t quite look right on him. They’re way too big for him, and he seems to have trouble seeing with them. All sorts of mishaps ensue…he overruns the school bus, can’t zip his zipper, and loses the ability to pour orange juice into his glass. Plus, the glasses are always falling off. When Ben’s parents notice his problems, they take him to Pearle Vision, and we see the heartbreaking/heartwarming reason why he’s wearing them. The beautifully haunting song is “Weather” by Novo Amor. It’s a lovely and emotional ad, created by Energy BBDO.

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