Geico: Duncan The Walrus Is An Excellent Hockey Goalie

Of all of Geico’s ads, this might be one of the best. Duncan is a great hockey goalie, well, because he’s as big as the goal. Watching the coach (James McCauley) throw fish to Duncan and his teammates barking is quite the delight. And “no sleepies” is a fabulous commercial catchphrase. Enjoy!




Geico: This Bowler Knows How To Strike…A Pose

Geico’s bowler is so talented. When he bowls, he gets a strike…on all of the lanes in the alley. And he can also do quite the seductive salsa dance. It’s a win-win for him. Anyone know who plays the bowler or his dance partner?

Geico Brings Us “The Best Of Geico”

It’s pretty damn meta that Geico has another wildly popular commercial, and it’s one that features Geico commercials of the past. Cadden Jones plays the wife in the infomercial parody…anyone know who plays the husband?

Geico: Massage Chairs Relieve Home Buying Stress

Massage chairs can be quite relaxing, but sitting in one during dinner is not a good idea, as this new Geico ad demonstrates. And in a bit of a Tuesday Throwback twist, Geico has some of their classics on their YouTube channel, and you can vote for your favorite. My favorites are the collect call cheat from “Bob Wehadababyitsaboy” (back in the late ’90s-early ’00s when collect calls were common), and of course the famous Hump Day camel commercial.


Geico: Grandpa’s Nose Performs “Flight Of The Bumblebee”

Grandpa is napping and his nose can perform Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” and other tunes. It’s unbelievable…but not as unbelievable as how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance by switching to Geico.

Geico: Everything Sticks To Stefon Diggs’ Hands

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs has sticky hands, as evidenced by clutch moments like the “Minneapolis Miracle.” But while having sticky hands is useful in his line of work, it could become a problem in other aspects of life, as demonstrated by these new Geico ads. Getting the mail and high fives become awful ordeals. And forget about eating cereal. The nearly wordless cereal spot is particularly hypnotizing.

Geico: Office Gossip Travels Fast, Especially Amongst Meerkats

Meerkats are highly social creatures. So in Geico’s latest, they’re imagined in an office setting, dishing on the latest gossip about Craig and Sheila’s breakup. Sheila is played by Sarah Hudnut Brody.

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