The Geico Gecko Meets Rocky & Bullwinkle In The Rocky Mountains

The Geico Gecko is waxing poetically about Geico while hiking through the scenic and majestic Rocky Mountains. He starts to say that they must be named after the rocky…when a crossover happens! Bullwinkle suddenly sprints in and says that they just be named after Rocky the flying squirrel. Rocky flies in and tells Bullwinkle they must be named after…then Bullwinkle exclaims “first President George Rockington!” Much befuddlement ensues, as the Gecko says that doesn’t even make sense. Indeed. By the way, Geico just posted this one, but it originally debuted in 2014.

The Geico Gecko And A New Homeowner Explore A Creepy Old Attic

Geicoween continues with this spot. The Gecko and this new homeowner come to up the attic and Gecko explains half of the fun of a new house is seeing what people left behind in the attic. Of course, this attic contains a tiny dancer in a music box and broken mannequins that seemingly stare at you from all directions. Eek. Creepy. But Geico can help you save on homeowners and renters insurance, so that’s cool I guess. Anyone know who plays the unsettled new homeowner?


What’s That Song? Part XIX

I haven’t done one of these in a long time…December 6th was the last. So here’s another.

Artist: Ryan Tedder, Song: “I’ve Gotta Be Me” (Original by Sammy Davis, Jr.)

A rather confounding commercial for Dr. Pepper. Interesting, but full of contradictions. The full version of the song actually isn’t on YouTube, but based on the commercial and preview version, it sounds incredibly corny. Ryan Tedder is also the lead singer of OneRepublic.

Artist: Crown Loyal, Song: “You Can’t Stop Me”

Kinda tired of the Geico Gecko, but this one where he crosses the Brooklyn Bridge is entertaining. The Crown Loyal song is pretty good too.

Artist: Wang Chung, Song: “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”

The song is so ’80s and ridiculous. The commercial is also ridiculous (and called “Joylicious”).

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