Samsung: This Longtime iPhone User Is Moving On To A Galaxy

Here’s a followup to last fall’s clever, popular, (and played to death) Samsung Galaxy commercial. This one has proven quite popular itself, racking up over 7.5 million views on YouTube. A young woman (Andrea Babinski) is going through airport security, but her slow iPhone 6 isn’t helping matters. On the plane, she longingly notices her seatmate’s Galaxy S9. Phone problems also lead her to get into the wrong rideshare in the pouring rain. Whoops. The Apple Store isn’t much help either. Time for an upgrade. The song is still Chyvonne Scott’s “I’m Moving On”, and as a bonus, we briefly see the son of “notch guy.”

This Commercial Sucks: Samsung Galaxy S9’s Super Annoying Song

I’m back after a somewhat unplanned hiatus. If you’ve watched March Madness, you’ve seen this Samsung spot so many times. And that song (“Get Stupid” by Aston Merrygold) is just awful. “Here’s an invitation to the whole wide world/ from your brother to your sister to your best friend’s girl”…please stop!

Things Change…This Former iPhone Fanboy Is Now A Samsung Galaxy Devotee

This Samsung Galaxy ad has been majorly trending, with more than three million views since debuting yesterday. In 2007, Erik excitedly got an iPhone. In 2013, he meets Lauren, who has a Samsung Galaxy. As he falls in love with Lauren, he falls out of love with iPhones. Finally, in 2017, Erik makes the plunge and gets a Samsung Galaxy. As he sees people lining up for the iPhone X (a notably shorter line), he walks away with apathy. Damn. Things change. The song playing in this commercial is “I’m Moving On” by Chyvonne Scott.

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