Samsung: Mrs. Claus Made Santa A Video

This is exactly the same as Samsung’s original “Work Trip” spot. But the fact that it’s Mrs. Claus making a dirty video for Santa makes it much more uncomfortable.

Comments from friends: “NSFW = Not Safe For Workshop”, “She is such a ho-ho-ho”. Heh.

And I guess while we’re at it, here’s the Samsung commercial with a possibly drunk guy dressed as Santa falling off the staircase railing. If I wore a Santa suit, it would probably end up like this.

Samsung: This Guy’s Wife Made Him A Video

I’ll admit that I’ve seen this one a few times without really paying attention. I like Samsung’s campaigns, but some of the spots tend to be too similar. But I just watched it and paid attention. Saucy. The wife’s eyebrow bounce is great. It’s burning up YouTube…more than 5.6 million views since being posted four days ago. The wife is played by Margaret Emery.

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