Stand Out With The 2016 Nissan Altima

It’s a pretty sharp Nissan Altima commercial featuring sleek skyline views and a voiceover about standing out that’s supplemented by flashbacks with scenes of nonconformity. I don’t know that the Nissan Altima stands out when it’s quite a popular car, but I digress. This spot has really gotten attention for its unique and mysterious music. Nobody quite seems to know what the song is. Best I can tell, it’s “Marigold” by the Foo Fighters (also recorded by Nirvana), possibly layered with a little “Where Is My Mind?” from the Pixies. If I get a definitive answer, I’ll update this post. As for the Rashida Jones-esque woman in the ad, that’s Brook Power.

Update: The song was specifically created for this commercial by a music house and it isn’t part of a full track. So that’s kinda disappointing.

Tuesday Throwback: Those Classic Mentos Commercials

These Mentos commercials from the ’90s are campy, cheesy, catchy, and ultimately awesome. They had such a big impact on pop culture that the Foo Fighters did a parody in the video for “Big Me.” I’ve included a some of the more memorable ones, but there’s more on YouTube. Mentos: The Freshmaker!


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