Drink Some Folgers Coffee After Accidentally Walking In On Your Father-In-Law In The Shower

The Folgers Christmas/holiday commercial that evokes memories for me and so many others is the one where Peter comes home. Folgers has done just a slight pivot away from that heartwarming/cheesy sentiment in this new spot, and goes for humor instead. You have to be more careful when you think you’re surprising your husband in the shower. It might be your father-in-law Steve. The worst part is that you just just started calling him Dad…eek. But you can all hash out the awkwardness with a nice cup of Folgers. The best part of waking up, right? It’s amusing and a fun song to boot.


Tuesday Throwback: That Folgers Commercial With The College Kid Who Comes Home For Christmas

Because it’s Christmas Eve. This Folgers commercial is officially called “Peter Comes Home For Christmas”, and it was created in 1986. I think it still might get played during the holiday season. So cheesy, but also a classic.

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