KIND Snacks Says To Be Kind To Yourself And Eat A KIND Bar

A man and a woman are on a flight. When the flight attendant comes through with snacks, the man picks a Clif Bar, while the woman (played by the stunning Marisa Bertani) picks a KIND Bar. What kind of fancy-pants flight offers Clif Bars and KIND Bars? It’s a commercial, so I guess we have to suspend our disbelief. Anyway, the first ingredient in the Clif Bar is brown rice syrup, which is just another name for sugar. That’s shown to us when the man dumps out the thick brown goop from his Clif Bar onto his tray table. The first ingredient of the KIND Bar? Almonds. Much healthier. She gets a KIND Bar to her seatmate. Aww, how kind. Other pertinent questions…he’s sitting in the middle, and she’s in the aisle seat, but there’s nobody in the window seat. Did that person get up to use the lavatory? Do these two know each other? Did they travel together? If not, it’s a bit weird that he’s sitting next to her. Yes, she’s attractive, but still. So many unsolved mysteries from this simple commercial.

Apple Watch Takes Flight And Goes Air Dancing In This Advert From The UK

Well, this is an intoxicatingly fun spot to watch. The woman in the commercial is Inka Tiitto, and now I’ll just let you watch for yourself.


Duracell Shows Why You Need Reliable Batteries For Your Headphones On A Flight

If you’re looking for peace and quiet on a flight, headphones are imperative. Even better if they’re noise-cancelling headphones. Otherwise you’ll be trapped in the air in a contained space with such aural pleasures as an chatty flight attendant, an extroverted seatmate, a crying baby, and an annoying lady who sings off-key. Best have Duracell batteries for that 10-hour flight. Anna Garcia plays the woman with headphones.

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