FedEx’s Conspiracy Bookstore Commercial

This FedEx ad has been out for two months now, and it’s made me chuckle. But I just watched it closer, and what really made me laugh were some of the book titles….Did 1971 Happen? and Did the 15th Century Happen? I don’t know why I find it so funny, but I just do. Conspiracy Books is a place I’d like to visit. Ann Carr plays the blonde employee in the Area 51 shirt.


FedEx Has Dogs Wearing Little Football Jerseys

Adorable. And yeah, cat cleats seem like a bad idea.

F’n A For FedEx

That really is a lot of A’s. Here’s a few more spots from this series, created by BBDO New York. Also, I bet FedEx is really licking their chops at this ongoing story.

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