Geico Hits Fast Forward In Its New Campaign

It’s February 29th, so I wanted to make sure to post today. You know, since I won’t be able do another February 29 post until 2020. Anyway, Geico’s “Unskippable” was a fantastic and hilarious campaign that I never wrote about on here for some reason. Now, Geico is back with a followup called “Fast Forward.” It further plays off Unskippable’s premise that people don’t want to watch pre-roll ads on YouTube. I write a blog about commercials, and even I skip them. In Fast Forward, we miss key points that turn fairly mundane situations positively surreal. Don’t worry though. If you really want to know what happens in these spots, Geico has extended versions on its YouTube channel. Here’s more on the new campaign from Ad Age.

Subaru’s 200,000 Miles Of Nostalgia

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I wanted to be sure to get one off today. Because this will be the last February 29th until at least 2016 that I’ll write a blog post. Anyway, this idea came from my brother. “I think it’s a Subaru Impreza commercial and this guy’s car is reaching 200,000 miles and he’s looking back on the stuff that happened in that time.”

Very nice. I really like advertisements that tell a story and get to the point that life often happens in random events. If that accident never would have happened, the guy probably wouldn’t have met his wife. I wonder how often marriages result from car crashes…it’s gotta happen sometimes, right? It’s sentimental, but well-done and hits a soft spot for me and probably a lot of viewers.

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