Wendy’s, Burger King, And McDonald’s: The Value Wars Are On!

Seems that fast food places are trying to lure in customers that have rapidly been fleeing for “fast casual” places. Last year, Wendy’s introduced a 4 for $4 deal. This week in a classic case of “anything you can do, I can do better”, Burger King added a 5 for $4, which is the same meal as Wendy’s…plus a cookie. And McDonald’s now has something called the McPick 2. Fast food value wars!

The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Does Asiago Ranch Chicken

Really, there’s not much interesting about this new Wendy’s commercial. But people love the redhead, Morgan Smith Goodwin, so I suppose it’s post-worthy. The Asiago Ranch Chicken Club looks like Wendy’s is trying to get more sophisticated with foodie-type items (“It’s way better than fast food. It’s Wendy’s.”) And it seems like many fast food places are also trying to class it up, with more competition from “fast casual” restaurants.

The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Is Now Slinging Berry Almond Chicken Salads

Morgan Smith Goodwin, everyone’s new favorite fast food spokeswoman, is back in a commercial for Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad. She is reliably redheaded, cute, and perky. The woman she’s helping is played by Dixie Perkinson. As for the salad, it looks tasty and summery (most Wendy’s products are high-quality), but fast food salads still strike me as a little strange. It’s good to have healthier choices, but in the times I’ve been at fast food places, I’ve rarely seen them ordered. The price points are also high…$6.49 for a salad?

Subway’s BOGO Causes Accidents

I’ve been doing a lot of fast food posts recently. Anyway, Subway has a deal all April where you can buy a 6 inch sub and get one free, before 9 AM. BEFORE 9 AM! I wonder how many angry people are still gonna want their free subs after 9 AM. People are stupid. It’s also funny seeing people fall off their rollerblades/bikes and crashing their cars because of this shocking deal. But just remember: it’s only good before 9 AM.

The Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Redhead Cutie

A lot of searches to my blog come down to a question. The most common ones concern the identities of actors/actresses, and the names of commercial songs. So here’s a question answered. The cute redhead in this Wendy’s Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club commercial is Morgan Smith Goodwin (NOT Megan, as I originally wrote). Props to “Who is that hot ad girl?” as always. Guacamole on a fast food sandwich? That’s at least a little more original. Take note, Burger King.

4/30 update: More Wendy’s commercials with Morgan Smith Goodwin.

6/6 update: And another.

7/16 update: And the Baconator!

Subway Reminds Us That Grease Is Delicious

The Subway Oven Crisp Chicken Sub looks decent. But now I really want some greasy food. And yes, that is a lot of grease in the commercial.

Bonus links: Two reviews. Not impressive. Looks like you might be better off with the fried stuff.

Burger King Stacks The Odds Against Healthy Eating

Wow, that’s cheap. My waistline probably thanks me for not living near a Burger King anymore. Now I’m not one of those people who’s opposed to fast food…most of it is pretty tasty. But the few times I’ve eaten BK Stackers, I always felt like shit soon after.

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