Lactaid And The Cow With A Farting Balloon

This Lactaid spot has been around for a while, but I just saw it for the first time. A woman is drinking her morning coffee (cafe au lait specifically) when an annoying cow appears. The cow asks how her coffee is, but as she’s trying to answer, the heifer is making fart noises by pinching a balloon. Turns out, the woman might be lactose intolerent (or at least sensitive), and the balloon is probably simulating the sounds her body’s soon about to make. Fortunately, a more pleasant cow boots out the annoying one, and she’s carrying Lactaid.


Mr. Sketch Introduces Scented Crayons

Mr. Sketch now has scented crayons. Have you ever wondered how the scents get in there? According to this commercial, it involves a farting banana and blueberry. It’s a followup to this spot that Mr. Sketch made back in 2014.

Gas-X Breaks New Ground And Wind

This one always makes me laugh. If I was on the Gas-X brand team, I probably would have come up with an idea like this.

And in case you’re wondering, the actor with gas is Ben Weber, NOT Tom Hanks (like he’d really be doing a Gas-X commercial), or Tom Hanks’ brother.

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