ESPN: Don’t Be The Fart King

Occasionally, the NCAA shows these “Don’t Bet On It” commercials to discourage gambling on games. While making a valid point, they tend to be very heavy-handed. Unless you’re an NCAA athlete or an extremely heavy gambler, nothing is likely to happen. The government presumably (hopefully) has better things to do than bust up your March Madness bracket. But those gentleman’s bets can be dangerous too, as shown in a new spot for ESPN’s “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports” campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy.

Hahaha. The ad shows the losers of college football bets in ridiculous situations, such as being the “Fart King” (complete with sandwich board and bell), eating the winner’s chest hair, and shaving your face/head into a football helmet. It’s quite funny, and it’s actually very realistic. Guys do stuff like this. But as AdFreak suggests (they’re beating me to the punch this week): “Next time I bet on my favorite team, I’ll play it safe and just bet the rent money.” Sage advice.

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