Farmers Insurance Covers A Three-Ring Fender Bender

If you suffer from coulrophobia, I’d suggest turning away from this one. Anyway, a man gets rear-ended by a literal clown car. And then the apologetic clowns surround him. Is this Farmers ad more or less unsettling than the Progressive cornfield commercial? As always, J.K. Simmons is the Farmers spokesman, while Kevin Fabian plays the first clown. Anyone know who the unfortunate rear-ended driver or the female Farmers client (whose backside is the object of many a YouTube commenters interest) are?


Farmers Insurance Covers “Rooftop Parking”

These Farmers Insurance ads featuring dramatizations of real claims are always amusing, and this one really made me chuckle. The little boy crashes a truck into his Victorian playhouse while he’s in the yard, and then a truck flies into his real house. The “did that just happen, and did I cause it?” expression on his face is just priceless. I wonder if his room took the brunt of the damage. Strange forces at work, indeed. And while we’re on the subject of Farmers Insurance, I’ve gotta shout out their highly creative tribute to Dr. Seuss too.


That Farmers Insurance Commercial With Dogs Synchronized Diving And Swimming In A House They Flooded

The pooches, affectionately called “Mer-Mutts” in this Farmers Insurance ad, are fantastic. I’d imagine if you saw that happening, you’d have the same reaction as the absolutely dumbfounded couple. The man is played by Matt Peters, better known as Luschek from Orange Is the New Black. Farmers had to know that they had a hit on their hands with this ad, and they made a bunch of spots featuring the individual dogs. I’m not going to post them on here, but you can check them out at the Farmers Insurance YouTube page. Great stuff.

Farmers Insurance Will Protect You From A Bear-Caused “Smash And Grub”

Farmers Insurance is a big advertiser, so it’s a little surprising that this is the first post I’ve done about one of their commercials. In this short spot we see a man (played by Sandro Iacolano) open his garage door, only to find it a mess and a bear with a steak in his mouth. Ah, the classic smash and grub. And garage door closed. I can’t really resist ads with bears. The Farmers spokesman is played by J.K. Simmons.


What’s That Song? Part II

People always want to know about commercial tunes, so I think I’ll make this a weekly feature. What’s That Song? Fridays.

Artist: Iggy Pop, Song: “The Passenger”

Love it. One of my favorite current commercials. Drinking Captain Morgan is fun. Being a pirate is also fun, especially when it’s the romanticized type with spontaneous wench-filled parties on the high seas. A great choice of song complements this ad. Though as we learned from that South Park episode, real piracy isn’t such a good time.

Artist: Run DMC, Song: “It’s Like That”

Artist: The Knocks, Song: “Make It Better”

Another sweet summer commercial. More than drinking Corona Light, this ad really makes me want to go to a rooftop party. I really like the cinematography too…the skyline at night just pops.

Artist: Real McCoy, Song: “Another Night”

Lest ye think of me as some kind of drunk, I’ll include a non-alcohol advertisement. Though truthfully, the posts about alcohol commercials always get the most views on my blog. Anyway, this spot for Farmers Insurance is pretty amusing. And the song is a cheesy ’90s classic.

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