State Farm Might Cause Interesting Purchases And Marital Discord

This commercial is one of the few where you’ll hear the word “ergo”, so it deserves to be mentioned for that singular reason. That guy really looks like the type who’d buy a falcon, doesn’t he? It’s also funny watching all the other people walking down the street with their new items. My favorites are the “shoulda/coulda got a falcon” guys, the Model T-esque mini car guy, and the giant gumball machine guy. Come to think of it, everybody with new swag looks to be male. I’m sure that will cause NOW to butt in somehow.

Haha, you think the guy is having an affair. But he isn’t! He’s talking to his State Farm agent at 3 AM! The wife thinks she sounds hideous because he’s a guy! If I was the wife, after I figure out he’s not sleeping with another woman OR a man, I’d be worried about why he’s calling State Farm at 3 AM. Money problems, much? And a graveyard shift State Farm agent sounds like the most depressing job ever.

All and all though, two strong spots from State Farm. I laughed.

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