John Lewis Takes A Trip With Elton John In Its 2018 Christmas Advert

John Lewis always has one of the holiday season’s most anticipated ads, and now it’s out. This one is considerably different…it starts with Elton John playing the piano. We then see him performing and go back in time to different points in his career. “Your Song” is playing throughout. That’s nice…but where exactly is this going? Well, stick around because the payoff is worth it. It’s a touching tribute to Elton John, who’s in the midst of his farewell tour, aptly titled Farewell Yellow Brick Road. And the hashtag #EltonJohnLewis is a clever one.

Snickers Brings Us Elton John Crooning In A Rap Battle

Sir Elton John might be one of the most iconic singers around, but he is decidedly not a rapper. In this new Snickers spot from the UK, there’s a rap battle at a house party. And Elton John emerges…crooning “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” But after eating a Snickers, the real rapper Boogie comes out and does his thing. Because you’re not you when you’re hungry, of course. It’s an amusing ad from AMV BBDO.

A Tiny Dancer Impresses In This New John Lewis Ad

When you’re home and nobody’s watching (or you’re home alone), you dance. You just do. Tom Cruise did. In this UK commercial for John Lewis’ home insurance, a young girl enthusiastically practices ballet around the house. The only problem is that she’s so passionate about her dancing that she obliviously almost knocks over a ton of the family’s valuable stuff. The song of course is Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. Which contrary to popular belief contains no mention of Tony Danza. A very well acted and shot commercial.

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