Disneyland Paris Tells The Story Of A Duckling Who Loves Donald Duck

Well, this is just adorable. Our little duckling protagonist first is introduced to Donald Duck after seeing a Walt Disney’s Stories comic book on the ground. He reads it, and tries to emulate his new hero. And then after a perilous flying lesson, he meets Donald Duck and his excitement is just irresistible. The song is a cover of “The Impossible Dream”
from the musical Man of La Mancha…anyone know who sings it? A lovely ad, created by BETC Paris.

Geico: If You Have Alligator Arms, You Avoid Picking Up The Check

Yeah, I see how that could be a problem. Poor guy. Though I guess he’s a little less poor than he could be, since he’s not picking up that check. I’m glad Mr. Alligator enjoyed that duck, even if his dining mates seem less enchanted by his manners.

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