Tuesday Throwback: Heroin Is Bad, And Rachael Leigh Cook Destroys This Kitchen

After starring in She’s All That, Rachael Leigh Cook had a brief period of being the “It Girl” of the late ’90s-early 2000s. But her first real claim to fame came in 1997, when she appeared in a Partnership for a Drug-Free America commercial. In the ad, she smashes an egg with a frying pan to simulate what heroin does to your brain. And then she goes much further, ultimately destroying the kitchen to show heroin does to the lives of users, as well as their friends and family. Was this spot effective? Who knows? But it was jarring, memorable, and honestly…strangely sexy. Last year, Rachael Leigh Cook and the Drug Policy Alliance created a remake for the 20th anniversary of the ad. It focuses on the disproportionate effect the War on Drugs has had on people of color.

Australia’s Stoner Sloth: Not The Most Effective Anti-Drug Ad

Does it seem like a lot of anti-drug ads are somewhat out of touch with actually keeping young people away from drugs? Does it seem like a lot of them are ridiculous and mockable? Enter the Stoner Sloth from Australia. Experts are not impressed.


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