That Cadillac Commercial With “Stacy’s Mom”

When I first saw this Cadillac ad during football, I thought I had seen it before. I remembered it as a car commercial from maybe 10 years ago…when “Stacy’s Mom” was a new song. Turns out it was a 2005 Dr. Pepper commercial which also featured a mom coming out of a car. So not exactly, but it’s good to know that I wasn’t going crazy. And in case you had forgotten, “Stacy’s Mom” was performed by Fountains of Wayne. And the mom is played by Magali Amadei.

What’s That Song? Part XIX

I haven’t done one of these in a long time…December 6th was the last. So here’s another.

Artist: Ryan Tedder, Song: “I’ve Gotta Be Me” (Original by Sammy Davis, Jr.)

A rather confounding commercial for Dr. Pepper. Interesting, but full of contradictions. The full version of the song actually isn’t on YouTube, but based on the commercial and preview version, it sounds incredibly corny. Ryan Tedder is also the lead singer of OneRepublic.

Artist: Crown Loyal, Song: “You Can’t Stop Me”

Kinda tired of the Geico Gecko, but this one where he crosses the Brooklyn Bridge is entertaining. The Crown Loyal song is pretty good too.

Artist: Wang Chung, Song: “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”

The song is so ’80s and ridiculous. The commercial is also ridiculous (and called “Joylicious”).

What’s That Song? Part XIII

Artist: David Bowie, Song: “Changes”

There are some songs that everyone should know. This is one of them. There’s an embarrassing number of classic rock songs that I haven’t heard, but I know “Changes”. Sweet tune. This BMW commercial actually premiered during the Super Bowl, but it’s been getting a lot of play recently.

Artist: Pitbull, Song: “Vida 23”

Pitbull is a popular artist who is in this Dr. Pepper spot. He’s also a good example of why I don’t listen to pop radio anymore.

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