State Farm: Hans And Franz Do Their Best To Pump Up Aaron Rodgers

Hans and Franz were classic Saturday Night Live characters portrayed by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. Although I was a little too young to remember the sketch when it was actually on, it was so popular that it stayed in the collective consciousness for a long, long time. Now State Farm is has a commercial featuring Hans and Franz pumping up the ever-unexcited Aaron Rodgers. I think this one is a lot funnier than last year’s SNL throwback, featuring the Superfans. State Farm has really gotten a lot of mileage out of Aaron Rodgers and the catchy Discount Double Check.

State Farm Now Has Aaron Rodgers With The Superfans

Well, football is back. Which also means a whole new boatload of football-related commercials. And the Aaron Rodgers “Discount Double Check” campaign for State Farm continues. And now it features Aaron interacting with the Superfans, famous for their loud interjections of “Da Bears” on Saturday Night Live in the early ’90s. I’m actually a little surprised that it took so long for this concept to come up. It’s mildly amusing…grill class. And Aaron Rodgers is befuddled, as always.

State Farm: Kerry Wood Finds Andre Dawson In The Ivy

State Farm’s “State Of” campaign continues. It’s still a solid campaign…though it’s gotten a little old as commercial after commercial have been made. Here’s a new spot that premiered during the MLB All-Star Game. It involves recently retired Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood combing through Wrigley Field’s famous ivy and finding some interesting objects. And then he digs out…Andre Dawson! Because “Finding Andre. Good. Finding Discounts. Better.” A funny spot, and one that I’m sure was a big hit in Chicago.

State Farm: Now Clay Matthews Has His Own Move

State Farm is now acknowledging that the Aaron Rodgers Discount Double Check has jumped the shark. So now Aaron Rodgers’ teammate Clay Matthews has a new version with more RRRR. And the Cheesehead guy is now on the Matthews bandwagon. These are getting kinda old, don’t you think? What happens if the Packers lose…will they still be aired? Though the “he plays football…professionally” line from that awkward dude who’s always on VH1 shows is pretty funny.

State Farm Has B.J. Raji Dancing And Aaron Rodgers Confused

In this second “State of Imitation” spot, Aaron Rodgers comes in and finds his teammate B.J. Raji doing his touchdown dance/Discount Double Check. But then B.J. Raji adds his own flavor, and hilarity ensues. Aaron Rodgers looks befuddled and upset. The couple still think he’s a dancer too. Even the Cheesehead guy is now doing the Raji Discount Double Check.

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