Pepsi Remakes Its Classic Cindy Crawford Commercial With Emojis

Cindy Crawford starred in this iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, which further catapulted her into the supermodel and pop culture stratosphere. Now Pepsi has remade it with emojis. In their words, “it’s been Pepsi eMOLEjified”, which is a pun that’s part clever and part makes me want to throw something. As for the spot, I find it to be a big ehh. Maybe it’ll cause some nostalgia for people who remember the original, but it’s just reminding me that emojis and hashtags shouldn’t be used too much in advertising. It just makes it look like you’re trying too hard to appeal to the youth. And speaking of the youth, I doubt they’ll really get the reference to the original ad, unless they’ve seen the funny James Corden parody.

Tuesday Throwback: Ray Charles And Diet Pepsi…You’ve Got The Right One, Baby

This was the original Diet Pepsi commercial featuring Ray Charles. Airing in the early ’90s, these spots had Charles singing, backed up by the Raelettes-reminiscent Uh Huh Girls. “You Got the Right One, Baby” became a popular catchphrase. I definitely remember these ads from my childhood.

Sofia Vergara Dances For Diet Pepsi

Thanks to Adweek for the tip. It’s a well-produced Diet Pepsi commercial…Sofia Vergara is sexy and can dance. But it’s far from original and who didn’t see that “twist” coming? The song is a version of “Whatever Lola Wants”, performed by Ruby Stewart, Rod Stewart’s daughter. Not an amazing spot, but the fact that it will premiere during the Golden Globes is a very smart move. Sofia Vergara is up for Best Supporting Actress in a TV show for her performance on Modern Family, by the way.

It’s also quite interesting to see how audiences are targeted. Diet Pepsi has zero calories and is marketed to women. Pepsi Max has zero calories and is marketed to men. The Jets suck.

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