The 2013 Joshys: #7-5

#7: Guinness’ Wheelchair Basketball

Friendship exemplified. I’m a sucker for surprise endings, and this spot has a good one. Friendship and twist endings will continue to loom large as the list goes on.

#6: Kmart’s Ship My Pants

Immature, punny, and also the funniest commercial of the year. I can only imagine the “eureka” moments the writers had with it. Kmart also had followups with “Big Gas Savings” and the Dickensian holiday version “Ship My Trousers”, but the original was the best.

#5: Dick’s Football

Dick’s Sporting Goods had two great commercials this year with a similar, ultra-realistic style. The first was a baseball ad, the second for football. Honestly, it was a bit of a tossup, but I think I liked the football spot a little more. A friend who played high school football said it gave him flashbacks.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has A Very Real Football Spot

Quietly, Dick’s Sporting Goods has made some great commercials. There was this Father’s Day spot from last year, and a very realistic baseball ad from the spring. Dick’s new football commercial is a similar, and very worthy successor to the baseball spot. The one take style is extremely compelling and in the words of Adweek, “it’s reminiscent of the actual process of playing football in a way that few ads—hell, few movies—really are.” It focuses on the action before the action we usually see. Very nice work.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has A Very Real Baseball Spot

This baseball ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods has been out for more than a month now, but I didn’t know about it until reading this article on Adweek. Beautiful, cinematic work. I love the cut to black right as the pitch is delivered. It totally looks real and not like a commercial at all. And that can be a great thing.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has The Best Father’s Day Ad You’ll See This Year

What’s that in my eye? Oh, I was just cutting up an onion. Or maybe it’s my allergies. Gahh. This is a great commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods. I know it’s specifically for Father’s Day, but it’s one that should continue to be aired after. #84!

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