The Kia Cadenza Shines At A Reunion

Class reunions seem inherently awkward. Kia is a rapidly improving car company which in the past hasn’t received much respect. So it seems appropriate that the Kia Cadenza would be introduced with the line “Remember that girl you didn’t notice in high school? We’re a lot like that.” The commercial has sexy shots of the New York City skyline that are accompanied by a sexy woman (Theresa Moore) driving the car. Class of 1993? Wow, she’s looking amazing…especially for a 38 year old. The song playing in the spot is the InFiction remix to “Let’s Dance”, by David Bowie. I don’t know if the luxury message will truly resonate, but as the ad says…it’s impossible to ignore.

What’s That Song? Part XIII

Artist: David Bowie, Song: “Changes”

There are some songs that everyone should know. This is one of them. There’s an embarrassing number of classic rock songs that I haven’t heard, but I know “Changes”. Sweet tune. This BMW commercial actually premiered during the Super Bowl, but it’s been getting a lot of play recently.

Artist: Pitbull, Song: “Vida 23”

Pitbull is a popular artist who is in this Dr. Pepper spot. He’s also a good example of why I don’t listen to pop radio anymore.

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