Bears And Packers Play On An Amazon Stream

On Thursday September 28, the Bears and Packers will play a game on the Amazon Prime stream. It’s the first time Amazon’s had it…Twitter had the rights to streaming last year. So they have an amusing new ad to promote it. Amazon’s spot is faux-documentary style with a David Attenborough soundalike, and it shows literal (well, CGI) bears and packers playing football along an Amazonian stream. Pretty on the nose, and pretty damn funny too.

What A Wonderful World, Narrated By David Attenborough

As reported in Adweek, David Attenborough has ended his 60 year career as a BBC personality. I love his work as narrator of amazing shows such as Planet Earth. So as an homage, BBC put together this video of Attenborough providing a spoken-word narration of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” alongside clips from his various nature programs. What a wonderful world indeed…and what a wonderful video.

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