Those SunnyD Kids From The ’90s Are Back As Adults

Back in 1991, SunnyD debuted a commercial that would be played for years on kids’ TV. The best way to describe the ad would have to be “very 90s.” Dave Chappelle even did a did a bit about the infamous “purple stuff” line. Now there’s a hilarious remake. The kids (not the same actors) are now adults. Very, very stunted adults. The now elderly Mrs. B offers a great zinger: “You’re 36. You need a job.” Love it.

Tuesday Throwback: What Was The Purple Stuff In The SunnyD Commercial?

I wanna know! Dave Chappelle has some thoughts.

Blast From The Past: SunnyD’s Big Mystery

Years later, the question still burns. WHAT WAS THE PURPLE STUFF?

Also, I miss Dave Chappelle.

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