Make Memories With A Subaru Forester

Subaru has a knack for sentimental advertising, particularly regarding the father/daughter relationship. Their “Baby Driver” commercial might be one of the best ads of the decade. Another favorite of mine is about a father and young daughter chasing a rainbow. Now Subaru has another great one in the books, created by Carmichael Lynch out of Minneapolis. The new spot, “Making Memories”, shows a father cleaning out his Forester, and certain items make his flashback to different times in his daughter’s life. He’s getting a new Forester, and she’s getting the old one. The song is “Time Will Tell” by Gregory Alan Isakov. I bet this one will make a lot of parents tear up.


Tuesday Throwback: This Magical Commercial From Norway’s Wideroe

OK, it isn’t really a throwback since this ad came out last year. But I just noticed that I posted about it exactly a year ago and I didn’t think the original post got as many views as I thought it should have. So here’s the original post I did. And here is Wideroe’s magical commercial, which I thought was the best of the year.

This Magical Commercial From Norway’s Wideroe

Airlines have a terrible reputation in the United States. But they’ve created some great advertising worldwide. Just looking back at the archive of my blog, I find an adorable ad from American Airlines, this epic spot for British Airways (one of my favorite from last year), and these United Airlines commercials which get a boost from Rhapsody in Blue. Add another great airline ad to the roster. This ad for Norwegian regional airline Wideroe has a whole lot going for it. Beautiful setting, a cute kid, the kindly grandfather who vaguely resembles an older and friendlier Sig Hansen, and a nice song (“Youth” by Daughter). A story about a magic trick ends up being magical itself.

10/2 update: An in-depth look at this spot from Adweek.

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