Delta Faucet Might Cause You To Dance In The Shower

Here’s an interesting one from Delta Faucet. This man arrives in the shower quite groggy, but once he turns it on, he livens up. Then dancing magic happens, and what a show he puts on. Anyone know who’s the man with all the moves? The song playing is “I Feel Good” by Cook Classics ft. Mike Taylor. So what do you think? The Internet can be a pretty prude place…do you think this ad is fun or is it offensive?

The Song From BMW’s 3 Series Ad

This one came out at the end of February, but I guess I missed it. I haven’t been able to find the shorter version that’s been on TV lately, so I’ll post the full-length one. It’s a deeply stylized spot that seems to focus more on dancing than the BMW. That sounds like a criticism, but it’s still very cool and fun to watch. But if you’re here, there’s a good chance that it’s because of the song. And that song is Dennis Lloyd’s “Nevermind.” By the way, the woman is the yellow shirt is Kris Alexandrea.

Travis Kelce Dances For McDonald’s

Travis Kelce scores touchdowns. He often busts a move when he scores touchdowns. But apparently Travis Kelce gets so excited about the McDonald’s 2 for $5 Mix & Match deal that it also makes him dance. Haha. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this one a lot in the coming weeks.

Radox Body Wash Makes This Sullen Goth Girl Break Out Into Dance

Gothic teenagers aren’t exactly the type of people you’d expect to break out into an uninhibited, Broadway-esque dance, but that’s exactly what happens in this ad from the UK for Radox. You see, the scent of the Radox was so pleasant that it changed her mood from sullen to chipper, and caused the dancing to the bewilderment of her parents. She even gets her goth friends into it. The effervescent song is “I Will Love You” by the Summer Twins. By the way, Radox sounds like a cross between Raid and Clorox, which isn’t really what I look for in a body wash.

Sprint’s Dancing Woman

I know I just wrote about Sprint yesterday, and this commercial is pretty annoying. But someone asked me about the identity of the attractive dancing woman. It’s Erika Soto. And the song is the interestingly titled “666 Kill Chop Deluxe.”

Southwest Airlines Makes It Cheap To Dance During Wedding Season

Wedding season can be quite an expensive time, especially if you have to fly. Southwest Airlines wants to ease this stress, so you can focus on the more important things, like actually having fun. Though it’s a bit weird to me that this spot is playing now…I always thought of “wedding season” as summer to early fall. The dancing woman is played by Alice Wetterlund. She really goes all out with her Elaine Benes-esque moves. And the slow dancing kid who tries to grab her ass is priceless. Funny ad.

Snoop Dogg’s Pocket Like It’s Hot: How Did This Take 8 Years?

Freshman year of college. 2004. A different time and place. Two prevalent aspects of that period were Hot Pockets and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Which when combined could lead to the awkward combination of diarrhea and dancing. Anyway, I am absolutely stunned that it took 8 years for “Pocket Like It’s Hot” to come out. Seriously. How did anyone not think of this before?

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