A New Purple Mattress Brings Back Ronnie’s Long-Lost Father

This ad for Purple has been online for two months now, but I just saw a shortened version on TV. And it’s a memorable one. Ronnie’s dad suddenly comes to the door after 20 years. Dad heard his Ronnie got a new Purple Mattress, and he just has to try it out. Ronnie and his family thought his dad was dead…but it turns out he was just dead tired. And of course Dad goes on to ignore Ronnie, because he’s more interested in snoozing on that Purple Mattress. Hahaha. The closing music really adds to this one’s tragicomic feel. I cracked up, but kinda felt like a terrible person for doing so. And I totally understand why some would hate it.


A Morbidly Sweet Christmas Commercial From Germany

This spot from German supermarket chain Edeka has become wildly popular, racking up more than 27 million views (!) in less than a week. The ad starts with an elderly man hearing from his family that they won’t be able to make it for Christmas. They’re too busy with their own lives around the world. We see him dejectedly eating Christmas dinner alone. But as Jill Taylor once learned, it’s never a good idea to reject seeing an elderly parent. He dies, and the family members receive the news. His death brings them together…but then everyone is in for a big shock when they visit his house. Personally, I’d think the family would be more angry when they found out he faked his own death so they’d come together, but hey, everyone reacts differently. It’s kinda dark and twisted, but ultimately quite sweet. The song is “Dad” by Supreme Music featuring Neele Ternes.

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