Tuesday Throwback: Sony’s Shining Star

I was recently in a store, and heard a song that sounded familiar. The song was “Shining Star” by The Manhattans (who strangely enough, formed in Jersey City). The reason it was familiar is that I remembered it from a commercial maybe 10 years back. I wasn’t quite sure what the product was, but I thought it was something like a camcorder. A little Googling, and I found this…

First off, was 2003 that long ago? Because this commercial seems really dated (“Alright, let’s pop in the DVD.”) Definitely more of a ’90s feel. I guess Sony’s DVD Handycam was a pretty new thing back then. That said, it’s a totally cheesy and totally cute ad. Aww, teenage love. Aww, the bratty little sister. And a nice touch from the parents, maybe thinking about themselves in high school. This is the type of commercial that’s easily hateable, but I just can’t. I’m a bit of a softie.

Subaru’s Cutesy Kid Car Wash

It’s a cute Subaru commercial (as they tend to be), but is it too cute? I’m taking an advertising class right now, and “too cute” is one of the common criticisms. This might cross the line. I wonder if a real-life father would be this understanding and just laugh it off. Things to consider…

Subaru Catches A Rainbow

Subaru’s advertisements tend to be sentimental. Of course, they’re also really good. Their commercials are the type that find deeper meaning in consumer products, which is a method that can be highly effective. In their incredibly cute and sweet new commercial, a little girl and her dad take an unplanned adventure to catch a rainbow. I’ve always found babies in ads to be more creepy than cute, but little kids in commercials are adorable. The soft song playing is Jenny O’s “Won’t Let You Leave” and it adds a nice, whimsical atmosphere. This one is a winner, for sure.

American Airlines Makes Flying Slightly Less Unpleasant

Between the petty baggage fees, cramped seating configurations, and invasive security screenings, airlines have really taken a customer service beating in the last few years. But hey, American Airlines has Wi-Fi. Very cute commercial. It seems like a real conversation between mother and daughter.

A Haiku For My Muse

You’re so pretty and

Make online school seem easy

Too bad it’s a scam

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