Crest Whitestrips And The Tissue Test

I feel like Crest has done a bunch of these tissue test commercials, and they’ve all been pretty crappy. The dialogue in this one is so forced. Teeth are naturally yellow-ish, not bright white like a tissue. Besides, as Ross Geller once showed us, super white teeth are creepy. The woman who crushed the tissue test is Patricia Selznick, while her friend is Charlie Le Grice.



Use Crest Whitestrips If Your Teeth Don’t Pass The Tissue Test

Crest Whitestrips were introduced in 2001, and have been a massive success. According to the commercial, they work 25 times better than whitening toothpaste. Of course, you’d never want your teeth to be TOO white, as Ross Geller discovered. A little bit of yellow is normal, and makes us human. The blonde woman who does the tissue test is Brianne Howey, and the brunette who already used Crest Whitestrips is played by Ariana Lamour.

Crest Says Women Love Strippers

This Crest Whitestrips commercial has a really stupid and cheap joke, yet I still chuckled a bit. Considering that it has more than 75% dislikes on YouTube, this might say something about me. Alas.

Work I’ve Done: Crest Spec Ad (“Smiles For A Lifetime”)

I had an epiphany today. For those who don’t know, I’m trying to get a copywriting job/internship (unsuccessfully so far). That means I’ve been writing a lot, in addition to this blog. Today, I realized that it would probably be a good idea to put some of my work up here. The stuff I’m doing is merely speculative, which just means that if I made an ad, it would be like this. So here’s my first piece.

Crest Spec Ad

Brief: Brand loyalty can form over a lifetime. Often, close, almost emotional connections are formed from childhood. A person who has exposure to a certain product as a child is more likely to continue buying into adulthood. This spot shows how different Crest products can be used at different times in life.

Setting: A bathroom

A man in his early to mid 30s stands in front of the mirror, his face covered in shaving cream. His young son (3 or 4) is right next to him, messily brushing his teeth with Kids Crest Sparkle Fun.

Dad: Make sure you get back deep. That’s where the cavities are.

Flash forward. On screen graphics: 12 years later

The same young boy is now a very gawky teenager. I’m picturing a teenaged version of myself. He’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth with Crest Whitening Toothpaste with Scope. Camera then shows his mother outside the bathroom door knocking.

Mom: Your first date! Are you nervous?

Teenager has a deer-in-headlights look into the mirror. He takes a few deep breaths, and does the breathe into your hand to test your breath bit. Suddenly, he has a look of confidence.

Next, we see the teenager on a date at a restaurant or ice cream place. His date is attractive, but the girl-next-door type, so as not to suspend disbelief that she would actually be going out with him. They exchange smiles, and it’s clear that they’re clicking.

Flash forward. On screen graphics: 7 years later

Our gawky teenager has grown into a non-gawky man. Yet again, we see him in the bathroom, and this time he’s with the same girl that he went on the date. He’s struggling to tie a tie, and looking unsure of himself. He then puts Crest Whitestrips on his teeth.

Girlfriend: You’ll be great! Just be calm, confident, SMILE, and I know you’ll get it!

We next see our protagonist in a job interview setting, shaking the interviewer’s hand. They’re both smiling, and it looks like he got the job.

Flash forward. On screen graphics: 10 years later

The same man is in the bathroom with the same woman. They’re married now, and both wearing rings. They are also accompanied by a daughter (3 or 4). The man’s face is covered in shaving cream, and his daughter is messily brushing her teeth with Crest Kids Toothpaste for girls.

Man: Make sure you get back deep. That’s where the cavities are.

It’s a mirror of the first scene…we’ve come full circle.

Female voiceover: Crest wants you to be your best, no matter your age.  Choose Crest: For a lifetime of smiles.


I envision following the same characters throughout their lives. However, different characters could go in the scenes if desired.

The commercial could also expand to old age or be shortened.

Could be a good tie-in for a contest of some type (write 250 words or less about how Crest has positively impacted your life and win some prize). These are great PR boosters because a lot of people enter and contribute attributes to products, even with a small chance of winning.

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