Generation Opportunity Wants Young People To Avoid Creepy Uncle Sam And Opt Out Of Obamacare

I generally try to stay away from politics on this blog. I have my beliefs, but they don’t usually play a role in how I view advertising. Of course, sometimes political-type ads come up that are just too outrageous to ignore. I saw this today on Gawker. They’re from Generation Opportunity, a conservative group with a deep anti-Obamacare agenda. They show a young man and woman going on doctor’s appointments funded by Obamacare (officially the Affordable Care Act).  When they get to “delicate” parts of the exam, Creepy Uncle Sam rears his head and the ads end with a simple printed message: “Don’t let government play doctor.” In the words of Gawker:  “The gendered ads, as you can see below, don’t offer much more than scare tactics in the way of substance, but such is the tone of the contemporary political sphere: “DO YOU WANT THE GOVERNMENT IN YOUR VAGINA, LADY? AND YOU, BRO, DO YOU WANT UNCLE SAM IN YOUR ASS? WELL, DO YOU?”

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