Devour Has Food You Want To Fork

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using sex in advertising. While you can debate the validity of the adage “sex sells”, it does exist for a reason. But one of the problems that comes up with sexy commercials is that they often come across as limp, uninspired, and unoriginal. The kind of idea that gets brought up when nobody has anything better, and you just want to go home (or to lunch). In this case though, I guess that lame idea worked for Kraft Heinz (forgot they merged) in these spots for its new male-targeted frozen meals, Devour. The first ad involves a mechanic talking dirty to his bacon mac & cheese and spanking it with his fork. The second one has the classic scenario of the pool boy and the bored housewife. He really enjoys his chicken enchiladas, and they both love the creaminess of the meal. These ads are a big yawn for me.


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