Fly High, Enjoy A Movie, And Drink Some Grey Goose

In a lot of ways, “La Pursuit” is symbolic of Grey Goose itself. It’s wildly expensive and quite pretentious, but also stylish, cool, and visually engaging. The short film/ad created by BBDO New York tells the story of a group of friends who start following a goose in a few cars. But it’s not a wild goose chase…they find their way onto a dirigible and classy hijinks ensue. Watching a film projected against a cloud is a particularly striking visual. Adweek has a glowing review, but Copyranter has a scathing one. So what do you think?

Cesar Has A Tearjerking Dog Food Ad From The UK

A hat tip to Copyranter here. And yes, I realize that it’s now two posts in a row starring small dogs. But this is just too good not to put on here. This ad for Cesar, created by AMV BBDO is so touching. It’s generally accepted that a pet knows when its owner is in physical or emotional pain, and can go a great job of calming those feelings. And that’s just what happens in this spot. In a beautiful European town (looks like Italy), an elderly man and his dog go about their daily routine. Only this routine includes something that is emotionally draining. But the old man and his trusty canine friend are partners in everything. This is love. It just got real dusty in here.


Oscar Mayer’s Brutally Honest Grandfather Is Awesome

A hat tip to Copyranter for this one. I find brutally honest old people to be charming, but some people aren’t big fans. In any case, the grandfather is hilarious with his unfiltered comments. And it’s interesting how Oscar Mayer managed to tie this into a statement about transparency.

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