Dodge Wants You To Take (And Find) A Journey

Getting out and actually doing things has seemed to be a recent advertising theme, especially in car commercials. And this new campaign by Wieden+Kennedy raises the bar.

It’s a great ad to start with. But the entire campaign is what makes it even more interesting. As reported on AdWeek, Dodge randomly placed 3 Journey crossovers across America, in the East, Midwest, and West. It’s like a sleuthing game. TV spots (the first debuted earlier today, the next ones will be on September 16 and 23) will reveal clues about the location of the vehicle. Additional videos and clues can be found on Dodge’s YouTube page. You have to reach the Dodge Journey, state your name on camera, and if you’re the first, it’s yours. The first one has been found somewhere in the Sierra Nevada in California. Now that sounds like an adventure. And a genius way to build awareness and buzz.

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