Wish I Could Forget Those Stupid Lexus “December To Remember” Commercials

It’s December. Some people resent the commercialism/consumerism of the holidays. I tend to like it, because it brings people to my blog. So Lexus is back with more of those dumbass “December to Remember” commercials.

These are the kind of commercials that are so mocked and ridiculed that I’ll pretend what I’m saying is original and not in any of the YouTube comments. Being rich enough to buy my sweetie a Lexus for the holidays? Different world, man. Does everyone automatically know the Lexus song? I mean, I recognize it now, especially since I watch a lot of commercials, but the average person would probably get it confused with NBC’s Olympics theme or something. Taking the time to enter it as a ringtone, in a music box, or as elevator music? God, that’s lame. I wonder if Lexus sells those giant bows. In the still crappy (but possibly improving?) economy, that might be all most of us could afford.

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