Senokot: Let’s Not Talk About Constipation In Spin Class

We’ve already learned from Senokot that a first date is not the best place to talk about constipation. Another bad place? Spin class. Also, I didn’t realize for a long time that spin class was just cycling on a stationary bike. I thought there was more actual spinning involved. Anyone know who plays the energetically constipated instructor?

Senokot’s Constipated First Date

Senokot’s “First Date” ad has been out for more than two months…how did I miss it? Anyway, a man and woman are on a first date at a coffee shop. After almost hitting her with the coffee, they giggle and he comments that first dates can be uncomfortable. She chimes in by saying that her constipation is also uncomfortable. She’s sooo backed up, and she’s been trying. Don’t talk about constipation, everyone. Jessie Cannizzaro is the girl, and Dolan Bloom is the guy.

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