The 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade Song That Makes Me Want To Break Things

I’ve written about 5-hour Energy’s crappy commercials before, and here’s another addition. This just sucks. It’s nice that some of the proceeds go to breast cancer awareness, but still…awful.


Commercials I Hate: Target’s Back To School

There’s a place in the world for campiness, and sometimes it can be entertaining. But these Target back to school ads are just awful.

Commercials I Hate: Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee

Gahh. Just awful. So annoying. Although that does pretty much replicate the typical Walmart customer. I think she’s tweaking on meth. Just add pushing, shoving, and total lack of self-awareness, and you’ll have the typical Walmart experience. And I won’t be convinced the recession is over until there’s no layaway.

Bonus link: You just had to know this was coming. People of Walmart!

Commercials I Hate: Is It Low T?

At least in the version I constantly see on TV, they say “low testosterone” before calling it Low T. I’m sure people were confused and had no idea what Low T was. It sounds like a terrible rapper. So is it Low T? My dad always answers “no” to the questions loudly when this comes on. And yeah, you probably would have less energy than when you went to the disco. Probably because you were 20 and it was 1978! Is it Low T? Maybe, and it’s a treatable problem. But maybe you’re just getting old.

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