Mindy Kaling Says Coca-Cola Tastes So Good At A Certain Place

According to some, there’s a place where Coca-Cola tastes so good. Go ahead and Google it. Yes, that place is McDonald’s. Here’s a lil’ article about why it tastes so good at McDonald’s.

SodaStream And Scarlett Johansson Call Out Coke And Pepsi, Get Censored

Continuing a trend that’s been going on for a few years now, many Super Bowl commercials are available online before the big game. SodaStream will have a commercial, but it’ll be different from this one. Why? As reported on AdFreak, the “sorry, Coke and Pepsi” line was a sticking point. Pepsi is the official sponsor of the halftime show, and Coke is Coke. So yeah. Here’s the original.

Coca-Cola Shows Really Cute Young Love At A Six Flags

First off, I’d like to mention that Commercial Society is 2 years old today. So there’s that. I might not post as much as I used to, but I’m definitely still keeping the blog running. It’s a joy to write!

Now, Coca-Cola has a great new commercial created by Fitzgerald + Co., which I discovered through AdFreak. It’s a simple, sweet, and very cute story of a young couple with blossoming feelings for each other. Or at least, the potential for those feelings. This is the kind of ad that would play well at any time, but fares especially well as the weather warms up. I’m sure Six Flags was quite eager to be prominently featured in this spot. So here’s to falling!

7/21 update: Still a great commercial, but the “here’s to falling” tagline is suddenly quite unfortunate.

Coca-Cola Addresses Obesity…Even Though It’s Your Fault, Not Theirs

Obesity is a big problem in American society. The soft drink industry has been taking a lot of blame for this epidemic. It’s no secret that soda is tasty, but pretty bad for you. The city where I live will limit serving sizes for sugary drinks in fast food restaurants starting in March. But how much is soda to blame for obesity? This question is addressed in this new 2-minute spot from Coca-Cola.

I actually found out about this video through a column on Adweek, which mostly finds it manipulative and awkward. One quote I found particularly interesting was “the subtext for consumers translates roughly to ‘If you’re fat, it’s your fault. Drink a diet soda, idiot. Get on the treadmill. We gave you options. Not our problem.'” And you know what? That subtext is exactly right.

I’m clearly not a public health expert…I’m a blogger. I realize I could probably write a long piece about obesity in America, but I figure you’d rather read that from someone who’s you know, actually qualified to talk about it. It’s a complex issue. But here’s my humble opinion. One of the great parts about living in the free world is the ability to choose. Coca-Cola is a huge corporation. Their purpose is to give people what they want, and make money. Coke really doesn’t have to address obesity, but they thought it was in their best interest for PR purposes. And Coca-Cola is right…they do have a lot of low/no-calorie choices. Or here’s another idea. You know that clear liquid that comes out of your faucet? Water! It’s free, keeps you hydrated, and is great for you. Alas, it’s about self-control. If you guzzle sugary soft drinks constantly, then yeah, it’s not healthy. But self-control and moderation are the key. Nobody is forcing you to drink anything. Exercise! Be smart! In the end, people really need to stop blaming corporations for their poor life decisions. It’s your own damn fault!

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