Geico’s Woodchucks Keep Chucking Wood

I’ve written about the first two Geico sequels already…now for the final one. In these, we’re treated to commercial spoofs, one for a lumberyard and one for coffee. They’re pretty spot-on parodies. And of course, they’re both interrupted by those dang woodchucks chucking wood. Also, I didn’t realize groundhogs and woodchucks are the same animal.

That Douwe Egberts Coffee Commercial From Belgium

Here’s a Douwe Egberts coffee ad that’s become quite popular (I can’t stand the term “viral”) on Twitter. We see a teenage girl having a makeout session with someone in a hoodie. Then her dad comes home, and she frantically runs up to her room with the hooded individual. Dad coaxes her down with a text offer of coffee, and she appears with another girl. He just sees them, smiles, and they sit down and enjoy some coffee. And as a bonus, Dad returns his daughter’s glasses that got discarded on the couch during the makeout sesh. Aww. It’s such a sweet spot. And if you’re wondering, the pretty song was made specifically for the ad and isn’t available commercially. Sorry.

Drink Some Folgers Coffee After Accidentally Walking In On Your Father-In-Law In The Shower

The Folgers Christmas/holiday commercial that evokes memories for me and so many others is the one where Peter comes home. Folgers has done just a slight pivot away from that heartwarming/cheesy sentiment in this new spot, and goes for humor instead. You have to be more careful when you think you’re surprising your husband in the shower. It might be your father-in-law Steve. The worst part is that you just just started calling him Dad…eek. But you can all hash out the awkwardness with a nice cup of Folgers. The best part of waking up, right? It’s amusing and a fun song to boot.


Mastercard’s Commercial With Camila Cabello, Coffee, Cupcakes, And “Havana”

Camila Cabello’s “Havana” is one of the catchiest songs released in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see it pop up in ads. We follow the lovely Camila Cabello as she walks down the street surprising people by paying for their coffee and cupcakes with her Mastercard straight from the smartphone. And when Camila suddenly drops her rainbow cupcake, someone pays it forward by getting her another one. It’s a cute and stylish spot that’ll also have you singing along. If you were wondering, the commercial was filmed in Manhattan’s West Village.

This Machine Only Dispenses Coffee If You Have Left Twix

Twix has been doing this Left Twix/Right Twix campaign for years. Which is your favorite? I have a hard time picking, since I think all Twix are delicious. Anyway, poor Dave (technically David) can’t get any coffee since he has a Right Twix. His female coworker with a Left Twix has no problem gettin’ some joe tho. David looks strangely like a more ethnic David Schimmer, and Bill the snarky repair guy is a hoot.

International Delight Gets Loud With Their Latte

When you’re advertising a not so interesting product like International Delight, you might have to put in more of an effort to make sure people watch and pay attention. So in that respect, I think this commercial succeeds. The woman loves the sound of her One Touch Latte. Her man just has to push it hard, harder…and then magic. Loud, frothy magic. Then he does it again, for a loud repeat.

McDonald’s McCafe Beverages Will Cause You To Become A Negligent, Irresponsible Person

For some, nothing comes before coffee. McDonald’s takes that to an extreme in this campaign for its McCafe line of coffee beverages. We see a personal trainer who almost kills his client that he’s supposed to be spotting. There’s the mom who’s too busy drinking her McCafe to intervene in her kids’ playground argument. And the football announcer who’s so into his coffee that he just stops while calling a big play.




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