Kids’ Bathroom Habits Necessitate Clorox

If you’ve ever been a male, you’ve tried long-range pissing. Mopping with toilet water just seems rational…it’s a big bucket of water sitting right there. And sometimes “situations” happen with pesky belt buckles. These Clorox ads are funny, simple, and true-to-life.

Does Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Make You Hot?

Methinks the copywriters of this Liquid-Plumr Double Impact spot were men. Here’s the “innuendo stuffed” commercial, created by DDB San Francisco.

Wow. Ballsy. A commercial that’s simply slathered with saucy sexual suggestiveness. It reminds me of a recent Crystal Light commercial, except that Liquid-Plumr’s is one big innuendo. Even after the fantasy, there’s meat and melons…very unsubtle imagery. I think it’s a smart move for brands that are “there” (fairly well-known but not highly discussed) like Liquid-Plumr or Crystal Light to have such splashy spots. We’re talking about them now, right? I’m just waiting for Drain-O’s “oh ohh ohhh” response.

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