Chipotle’s Kitchens Are For Cooking, Not Cocaine

This Chipotle commercial is decent. It’s got attractive imagery of tasty Chipotle food. But what always makes me look up when I see it is the line “our kitchens are for you know, cooking.” Mostly because the way the male narrator says cooking really sounds like cocaine. Though restaurant kitchens are known for both cooking and cocaine.



The 2013 Joshys: #4-2

#4: Vodafone’s “The Kiss”

Simply beautiful. There’s no spoken copy and sometimes the less said, the better.

#3: Tullamore Dew

This Tullamore Dew ad made me want to jump a plane to Ireland. And the twist ending turns it from melancholy to weirdly uplifting and subversively funny.

#2:. Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

Lovely dystopia sounds like an oxymoron, but that describes the atmosphere for the majority of the video. Wonderfully shot. Fiona Apple’s hypnotic and haunting cover of “Pure Imagination” is the best use of music in advertising this year.

Chipotle’s Haunting Animated Commercial, Featuring The Vocals Of Fiona Apple

There’s been a whole lot of great long-form work to come out lately, and here’s another. Chipotle isn’t a company that advertises too much, but when they do it tends to be viral-type videos like “Back to the Start.” Their work also tends to get rave reviews. Chipotle’s new spot “The Scarecrow” smells like an award winner. It features a bleak, haunting, dystopian world. I’ll let Adweek do more of the explanation. It’s an incredibly beautiful video. But the real standout is the mesmerizing, hypnotic vocals of Fiona Apple who sings a cover of “Pure Imagination” from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. And yes, Fiona’s song will be soon available for download. There’s also a game for “The Scarecrow.” Excellent, excellent stuff.

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