Chili’s Says “Let’s Go Out To ‘Ita!”

I really, really hope that “Let’s go out to ‘Ita” doesn’t become some kind of catchphrase that people actually start saying. I’m pretty sure it won’t be. Maybe for irony, but I think that’s about it. But you can have fajitas and margaritas at Chili’s, so that’s cool if you’re into it. Betsy Helmer plays the Chili’s hostess.

Tuesday Throwback: The Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle

If you’re of a certain age and someone mentions Chili’s Baby Back Ribs, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll think of the classic jingle, introduced all the way back in 1986. The jingle was brought back in 2017, but with far less ubiquity, and emphasizing Chili’s other offerings too. I can’t find the original, but here’s an early-2000s version with NSYNC. And also here’s a video with the guy (appropriately named Guy Bommarito) who wrote the jingle. Interestingly enough, Guy Bommarito has never eaten one.

This Commercial Sucks: Chili’s $6, $7, And $8 Lunch Combos

Sure the “yum yum dum dum dum, we gon’ have some fun” opening (“Get Up” by Slightly Stirred, in case you were wondering) is annoying as hell. But what really makes this Chili’s lunch combos commercial insufferable is the sheer quantity of times it’s played as YouTube pre-roll. Here is a sampling of the comments on the spot’s YouTube page:

“I hope you realize that repetitive, unskipable ads make people not want your food.”

“yum diddly dum dum dum im gonna grab my gun now (boom)”

“I swear this fucking ad gave me PTSD.”

And so on. Guess I’m not the only one.


Stop Yelling At Me, Applebee’s

Not a fan of the voiceover man. I always feel like he’s narrating with almost a restrained yell. It also doesn’t help that Applebee’s is my least favorite of the casual American chains (T.G.I. Fridays, O’Charley’s, Ruby Tuesday, Chili’s). It’s also interesting to notice the beverages that adults are drinking in any commercial for these chains. The men always have a beer, and the women always have wine or a colorful cocktail. Even with kids there, both parents are still drinking. Just a subtle, but notable observation.

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